"Why I Ran for Office?"

Like many, I assumed growing up that the leadership of our country was in capable, trustworthy hands. As I've become more active and productive in society, I've come to see how grossly mismanaged and underutilized our great American resources are. In short, I've only recently become fully aware of just how desperately we need real public servants. I'm not claiming to be a superhero. I'm simply a man who is willing to sacrifice personally to do what we all wish "someone" would do. We need a true advocate who has too much self-respect to look you in the eye and make a promise he knows he can't really keep, someone who remembers where his home really is, and knows he'll have to answer to the people, his friends, and family, when he gets there. Most importantly, we need someone who still remembers the difference between expedient and right, and who has the courage to do the latter. That is why I ran for office and why I running again - because I believe I can continue to do all that – that I can remain myself and remember what is right, even in Salem..